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Welcome culture the generosity that has seen Germany embrace more than a million new migrants in the past year is wearing thin.If there was a single moment that sowed doubt in the national psyche, it came during New Years Eve festivities outside Colognes Gothic cathedral.

You do it when you say hello and when you say goodbye, your handshake might be judged and, similarly, you may judge someone based on their handshake.

Basically there are 3 (possibly 4) ways for enforcing them: In both of these cases, you won't get pulled over, you'll be photographed for evidence purposes and get a ticket later.

If you're a tourist and have a rented car, the ticket will go to the car rental company which will deduct it from your credit card.

Since the exchange was caught on camera, people have reacted with outrage – questioning why a girl wouldn’t shake the president’s hand.

But despite what people might assume, she wasn’t being rude or snubbing him.

Queen Bee The queen bee is the first class of bees and each hive has one designated queen bee.

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