Hookup zone inf


All of the Pro Micro’s I/O and power pins are broken out to two, parallel headers.Some pins are for power input or output, other pins are dedicated I/O pins.

Hookup zone inf-23Hookup zone inf-19

Choose Large or Small, Dinse type, available in Gas-Thru or Solid Pin style twist-lock connectors, all in one easy to assemble unit.

Male plugs sized for your torch cable and machine type.

Gas-Thru Dinse Plug: Large, or Small connector with gas-thru hole (eliminating secondary gas hose).

Is it possible not to have any cable boxes to get picture?

If so, then would i just call Charter and ask for a box or maybe buy my own...?

With Arc-Zone's Plug-n-Weld Kit, you can easily hook-up, or switch torches -- no tools required!

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