Ha2016 liquidating


While the Rig was in dry dock, Seahawk submitted a claim to the insurers to cover the cost of repairs, alleged to be ,969,860.Seahawk's insurance policy (the “Policy”) included several key provisions:• The general-coverage provision: “This insurance is against all risks of direct physical loss of or physical damage to the property insured, subject to the terms, conditions, and exclusions contained herein․ This Insurance covers all the hull and machinery of the drilling unit(s)․”• The ,000,000–deductible provision: “For the purpose of this [Deductible] Clause, each occurrence shall be treated separately, but it is agreed that a sequence of losses or damages arising from the same occurrence shall be treated as one occurrence.”• The wear-and-tear exclusion: “There shall be no recovery under this Insurance in respect of ․ [the] Cost of repairing or replacing any part which may be lost, damaged or condemned solely due to ․ wear and tear․”• The loss-of-contract provision (the “Contract Provision”): “[C]overage hereunder shall include the loss of charter hire resulting from the termination and/or cancellation of [Seahawk's] drilling contract(s) caused by the insured drilling units being unable to operate following a claim recoverable under [the general-coverage provision] if the deductible were nil.”Seahawk sought to recover the nearly million for repairs made between February and December 2010.

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