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Iran is actively supporting proxies in major conflicts in the following areas: Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon, and the Palestinian territories.

In addition, there is evidence that Iranian agencies are active among Shi’i populations – as yet without major effect – in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

Such places often conveniently fail to have extradition agreements with the big players.

Many free city Truce Zones take this further and allow businesses and people of questionable nature to exist there as long as they don't cause trouble for the place, making it a Wretched Hive attractive to criminal elements and bounty hunters as well as protagonists fleeing The Government for more heroic reasons.

While Iran leads the best organised and most aggressive alliance in the Middle East, the built-in limitations of its methods and the sectarian nature of the conflicts in question will likely stymie Iranian domination of the region.

The Middle East is currently in the midst of widespread instability, civil strife and the collapse or contraction of state authority.

Often combined with City of Spies, Hub City, Vice City (in the seedier ones), and Good-Guy Bar.Although both areas would benefit from greater financial resources, the most critical need is for external support in the form of alliances, issue networks, and access to multiple sources of power. Over the last four decades, long-established aboriginal and nonaboriginal fishing communities on the British Columbia (BC) coast have been undergoing radical loss of fishing licenses, vessels, and opportunity, and also of the government presence and infrastructure that formerly supported local fishing activities. Ancient clam gardens increased production: adaptive strategies from the past can inform food security today. School of Resource and Environmental Management, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. The Palestinian territories too are divided into areas controlled by the Islamist Hamas movement in Gaza and the Fatah-dominated Palestinian Authority (PA) in the West Bank.In this fractious landscape, powerful regional states are seeking to gain advantage, extend their own power, and diminish that of their rivals.Sometimes includes (or is) a Bazaar of the Bizarre or Inn Between the Worlds.

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