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Sips is a Let's Player and a member of the Yogscast.

At some point before he made gaming videos for them, Sips worked as the Yogscast's web designer.

Open Google Play Movies & TV, then search for movies and shows, and manage your wishlist and library.

It started out innocently enough – a few extra levels or characters for a few quid. Extra content that would normally be included on the disc started being ‘Premium’ content, costing you extra to play the stuff that just a few years before would have been free.My only complaint; we should be able to buy movies through the app.The app should be an alternative to having to go to the actual website to buy things to buy things on TV.It seems odd that the Android TV apps I liked the least were Google's own. Sure, all my purchases are in Google Play Movies & TV and all my subscriptions are in You Tube, but pausing was a two-click job, and seeking with any precision was a nightmare.As someone who does a lot of rewinding and scene-skipping, that made my viewing more complicated, as I'd often overshoot my marks or stop short thanks to the seeking system in place. Last week, Google began pushing out an update to its Play Movies & TV app for Android TV.Sony alerted us to the patch (v2.04), which was released last week, and claimed it fixed the issues raised in our original story.

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