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Gigi posted Snapchats of the three of them on a private jet on the way to the California-based music festival, during which time her BFF presented her with a precious cake.A little later in the night, Gigi called herself out for playing the role of third wheel on the A-list couple's night out.I have a hard time believing Jake could be such a douche, but Hollywood does weird things to people.Plus, he might have been too scared to deal with the public backlash, which still doesn’t excuse his behavior.Secondly, Taylor lost her v-card to someone – a celebrity, no less – and didn't write a song about it?!Taylor is notorious of expressing her feelings in her songs.

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Still wearing her devil horns, she was surrounded by her friends who presented her with a super cute, cheetah-printed cake.turned 21 and she is already partying like an old pro!The ‘Come & Get It’ songstress was first spotted at Julianne Hough’s ’20s-themed, 25th birthday bash on Saturday night with actress Lily Collins.Taylor's virginity, which was long ago concluded to have disappeared in John Mayer's den of depravity, was actually taken by Jake Gyllenhaal. Firstly, Taylor dated infamous womanizer John Mayer and didn't bend to his seductive powers of fedoras and douchebaggery?Stronger women than Taylor have caved to that before!Gigi Hadid's life is far from "normal," but sometimes even supermodels have to play the role of third wheel..Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris, that is.

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