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Austin, 52, of Portland, Oregon, pleaded guilty today to attempted transfer of obscene material to a minor, U. The images appeared to be minor females engaging in sexually explicit conduct, although the identity and ages of the persons depicted could not be determined. Austin admitted that on August 9, 2011, while chatting online with the supposed minor in a chat room titled “Incest,” he sent three sexually explicit images accompanied by contemporaneous sexually explicit chats directed at the minor.Not all relationship problems result from unhealthy patterns of interaction.Sometimes, one person has a disorder that has a direct impact on his or her partner.The better a spouse is able to recognize such disorders, the less chance there is of intensifying them.Chemical dependency is one of the most common problems affecting relationships.

Self-help groups such as AL-ANON and NAR-ANON address many of the problems non-using spouses face.

For more information, visit We are currently seeking a System Administrator to work in Norfolk, Virginia, or Boise, Idaho.

The candidate who fills this position will be a full-time, direct-hire employee of DXC, and will support our Next Generation Enterprise Network (NGEN) contract with the U.

Then, Austin stopped and had a brief conversation with the undercover detectives.

He said that he was curious and that he may not have enough time tonight, and he wanted to see about meeting tomorrow.

I enjoy working with diverse issues, but am particularly passionate about my work with men, sexual addiction issues, and helping people heal from past trauma.

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