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Her best friend is Yasmin, but she loves spending time with every member of the Bratz Pack.

She is flirty, energetic, clumsy, and imaginative, but her friends help her stay grounded.

" "Love, love, love new ideas, worthwhile causes and helping the underdog.

I'm very sensitive to others' feelings - and my friends say sometimes I'm a little too sensitive about myself.

Bratz girls’ saloon needs to be decorated so you can help the girls.For Bratz magazine, Cloe is the Advice Column Writer.Throughout the Bratz television series, Cloe is shown to be a drama queen (Sasha sometimes calls her 'Drama Mama' because of this) - sometimes her imagination runs away with her, but her friends help keep her grounded! I can spend hours mixing and matching new pieces with vintage ones!I might be shy, but I really love being on stage and singing my heart out!Yasmin has also been produced in the Lil' Bratz, Bratz Kidz and Bratz Babyz lines.

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