Inserting updating and deleting data with the sqldatasource


The Grid View, Details View, and Form View controls all support out of the box paging support that can be enabled at the tick of a checkbox.When configured to enable paging, these controls automatically render a paging interface comprised of Link Buttons, Buttons, or Image Buttons.

In the next tutorial, you will set values for Update Method, Delete Method and Insert Method. The downloadable code works with either Visual Studio 2012 or Visual Studio 2013.This tutorial series demonstrates basic aspects of using model binding with an ASP. Model binding makes data interaction more straight-forward than dealing with data source objects (such as Object Data Source or Sql Data Source).This series starts with introductory material and moves to more advanced concepts in later tutorials.You will see in that method that it uses the Take() and Skip() LINQ operators to chunk the data based on the page size that we passed in.The good thing about these operators is that it allows you to skip a certain number of rows and only take a limited number of rows from that point. Form View Control is similar to Deatils View control.

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