Playfire gamercard not updating


Like Nintendo ones too, but I think they mainly enter it..has a retro look to it, with these interesting points and things indicating if the game's complete or not.I think it has like a light blue or light green background? x.x; Why is it taking so long for my 360voice sig to update with Gears of War?So it seems Raptr has gone to shit of late, the app is bloated and now they have confirmed they have no current plans to support next gen consoles.So im looking at alternatives for my game tracking needs, these two have been talked about a lot on other forums Exo Phase Playfire I am going to give both of them a go, any one had any experience with them? Can't say I've had any experience, but let me know how it goes - I wouldn't mind finding something else.New/Update: (new cards are brand new cards, or changing card design.updates are adding platinums/100% to a card which has already been created.) Design of the card: (Pick the card design name from the designs listed above.

I've seen this thing in people's sigs that tracks any game they want in it.A rather underwhelming addition, marred by some key problems, Trophies have underachieved, proving that perhaps it's not always best to just try and copy someone else's successful idea and expect the same level of success (*coughmotioncontrolscough*).Read on as we explain the problem with PS3 Trophies.I finished it on the 27th and it's now the first of October!I swear if I finish Sneak King in the next couple days and it appears on there before Gears of War, that's some pretty f'd up crap right there man.I have sixteen games lined up for reviews, so get ready for a smorgasbord of reviews coming to your face-hole.

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