Is kristin bauer dating alexander skarsgard


They're already gearing up to start shooting season 6 later this year, which just can't come fast enough! We just want to sink our fangs in all the various nail polishes, fragrances, and creams!Kristin looked gorgeous wearing a mysteriously black dress and red lips.“It was definitely a character I hadn’t played before.Every year, when we wrap up a season, I look for things that are different from Eric Northman. The style makes sense; his spangly, disco-era look is an homage to the decade in which the film is set. The girls, also, are dressed to the glittery nines while the other men involved in the production, including executive producer Jorma Taccone (of Lonely Island fame), got in on the fun, sporting 70s-inspired wide lapels and other masculine fashions of the bygone era. Was this a stealth audition to replace Taye Diggs in on Broadway? was filmed in and around the Castro neighborhood and co-stars famous San Francisco drag entertainer Joshua Grannell—a.k.a. Peaches is a staple midnight-movie hostess at the Castro Theater, so when it came time for her film to premiere there, her hometown venue pulled out the stops with a fun drag show preceding the screening. Just to the right of Skarsgård, you can see Bay Area drag entertainer Cousin Wonderlette sporting a slightly less glam look. Clocking in at six-foot-four, Skarsgård cuts quite the striking figure.) Well, the truth of that matter is, when in the famously gay-friendly Castro, do as the drag queens do!"The other day I realized as long as I'm in this business, I'm going to be hungry. I'm trying to stay under the weight I want to look like on TV.

Bauer, 36, is also known for being the woman with "man hands" who Jerry dated on Seinfeld.From Popeater: You were rocking a latex dress earlier this season.Either you have good genes or I need the number of your trainer.“All that kind of stuff is so important, especially when you play a character that’s quite difficult,” he adds.“It was really nice on weekends to hang out with the cast and crew and Jeff, he was the anchor of the group.”“I remember shooting my last scene with Kristin Bauer [van Straten, who plays Pam],” he says. As you can see, Skarsgård wasn’t the only one dressed to impress.

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