Outlook internet calendar not updating


It is a static calendar that can be updated only after the calendar owner sends you a new Calendar Snapshot.There are two ways in which you can view the calendar information in a Calendar Snapshot — in the message body or as an additional calendar in Calendar view in Outlook.An Internet Calendar Subscription is a calendar that you download and view in Outlook.However, unlike a Calendar Snapshot, Internet Calendar Subscriptions are updated automatically.Internet Calendars are calendars that are shared through the Internet.These calendars are based upon a global Internet standard that allows calendar information to be exchanged between people regardless of the application that is used to create or view the information.Stellar and LMOD i Cal feeds do not currently set this value, which means updates may be limited to when Outlook performs a Send & Receive operation.If your Outlook program is not set to automatically run Send & Receive periodically, you can adjust this interval in File Google Calendar does not allow you to adjust the update interval for i Cal calendar subscriptions, and does not observe a TTL set in the calendar feed.

The shorter the refresh rate, the more up-to-date your calendar will be.Although Google updates the calendar automatically from the Timetastic feed the timescales for this are somewhat unclear and there is no manual way to force the update.Some observers have suggested Google updates every few hours, but Google themselves quote it may take up to 12 hours, although in in exceptional cases we have seen it take as long as 48 hours.To trick Outlook into refreshing an Internet Calendar, go to File:: Account Settings:: Account Settings (button):: Internet Calendars (tab) Then choose the calendar you wish to refresh, click "Change...", stick a space in the description (or remove a space), then click OK. If you are looking for a quick and easy way of syncing Microsoft Outlook folders with the Google Calendar service and planning to share Outlook folders with your friends, this program is for you.Unfortunately different calendar programs use different ways of controlling the update frequency for pulling in subscribed calendar information.

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