Who is john cena dating 2016


and catch the premiere of Total Divas at 6pm on November 20, also on E!

NEW ORLEANS, LA - APRIL 03: (L-R) John Cena and Nikk Bella attend WWE's 2014 Super Stars For Kids at the New Orleans Museum of Art on April 3, 2014 in New Orleans City.

'"Sometimes we do those things and we try to be as PG as possible, but sometimes a little bit of our real personality comes out."Everyone got to see that for a quick second.

But to be honest I found it hilarious."."We know John's sense of humour and I have to say I'm the same - I have the same sense of humour so I found it funny."Watch Total Bellas on Sundays at 6pm on E!

However, in a recent interview with “It makes my career so much harder, because no matter how hard I work I’m always going to have people take away everything I do because of John.

She completed the ensem with smokey eyes and a fab nude lip.

Thank goodness Nikki picked up the fashion slack for her man.

For example, Cena is learning Mandarin, the latest sign, after Shane Mc Mahon’s on-screen reemergence, that WWE is bolstering up for a push into China.

The wrestler also has his drug tests, of which he says he’s passed 60 or 70, stapled to the wall of his gym.

No, there won’t be.'Her explanation was: 'John doesn’t want kids, so we’re not gonna have kids.'John got down on one knee to propose to girlfriend Nikki in front of a packed stadium of wrestling fans on Sunday night.

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