Dangers online dating romance


In 2012 a widowed Australian grandmother travelled to South Africa to marry the young man she had fallen in love with online and was found dead in February 2013.Before her death, the pair maintained a long distance relationship spanning three years which saw the widow part with 0,000.00.In some cases, criminals don’t even bother creating fake accounts.

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In 2014 it was reported that people had lost more than million because of online dating scams.Using the Internet for love, or at least sex, is a becoming a staple of modern life.More than one in five Americans between ages 25 and 35 have used an online dating site or app according to Pew Research."Swiping right," as Tinder users do to signal interest in other profiles on the app, is already slang.Online dating has gained enormous popularity over the years and is now a multibillion dollar industry with millions of Australians accessing a wide variety of websites with the hope of finding true love however, there is another side of online dating people should be aware of.The ACCC Online Dating Industry Report claims that the revenue for online dating services in Australia will reach 3.3 million in 2014–15.They fill out all the needed information to make each fake account appear as real as possible and make sure to upload a photo of a very attractive individual.

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