Cybersex mobile chatroom

They use computers at home, at friends' places, at the library and at school to work, play and communicate.

Some have net connectivity on portable devices such as mobile phones.

The study found that 65% of the chats discussed sex and sexual favours; a third of the chatters initiated cyber-sex; a quarter asked for a photograph; and 22.5% wanted to meet in person.

The research also revealed that advertised age-restrictions were not adequately enforced; terms and conditions were difficult to find and not included as part of the registration process; under-age chatters were not removed from the chat rooms; few chat rooms had an easy accessible ‘report abuse’ process; and content was often inappropriate for the advertised age limit.

In 48 per cent of cases the adult suspect was arrested at the intended rendezvous with the child.

Toni Makkai Director Children are growing up with computers.

In 68 per cent of cases the adult sought offline contact with the child.The investigations involved police officers posing as girls aged between 13 and 16 accessing the internet in order to uncover adults who were seeking to procure children online for sexual activity.The results of this study show the aggressive and rapid way that children are targeted by adults for sexual purposes.if it was my kid, i'd be grounding her for engaging in irresponsible sexual behavior with someone who could be a loony. he knew she was 15, and thats not right."..had taken advantage of a gullible and vulnerable girl for his own gratification, the judge said."Isn't gullible and vulnerable redundant when talking about women*pulls out popcorn and flame proof tighty whities*At the very least (for him ) the guy was chatting to a girl and not some FBI agent posing as a minor.Every once in awhile I love to go into AOL chat rooms and start typing out "BEWARE !!All of which makes it no surprise that chat rooms have been around since the earliest days of the commercial Internet.

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