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She rose to prominence after winning Big Brother 2010 and entered Ultimate Big Brother the same year.

She was a regular guest host on Channel 5 magazine series OK! Gibson was the first contestant to be selected by Big Brother to be a housemate on Day 1 of the final Channel 4 series of Big Brother.

Niang showed his qualities with two match-winning performances against Burnley and West Brom, but apart from that he was inconsistent and didn't have the impact the club would have hoped.

He disappeared straight down the tunnel after being subbed at Chelsea and fans were not impressed with him on the final day of the season when he seemed reluctant to track back and work hard for the team.

Under the brutally professional leadership of Peter Post, Ti-Raleigh became the most effective team in bike racing, winning nearly everything, with Joop Zoetemelk delivering a yellow jersey to the iconic Nottingham brand in 1980.

But Bristol told Sarah: 'Back off and let me lead my own life!

' She doesn’t agree with her mom’s politics or her control­ling ways." After Bristol broke up with her son's father Levi Johnston, she rebounded with a short relationship with an Alaskan pipeline worker named Gino Paoletti.

After an interview with Davina Mc Call, she confirmed she was going to take part in Ultimate Big Brother then re-entered the Big Brother house 18 minutes later.

On Day 3 of Ultimate Big Brother, Gibson walked out of the house while other housemates were nominating.

Throughout the ages, riders equipment has always to evolved so, we take a look at the most iconic and game-changing road bikes throughout the ages.

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