Musician eddie perez dating

Musicians have an uncanny ability to send shivers down the pants of even their most a-sexual of onlookers.

Angel even sent him text messages such as We were shocked to report that Charlie Murphy died at 57 years old after a battle with leukemia.All of these tips work just as well for boyfriends of female musicians too, by the way.Or boyfriends of boyfriends, or girlfriends of girlfriends -- whatever turns you on, as they say. Don't Yoko Ono Seriously, it's the biggest cliché in the book -- do you want to be a part of it? He works very hard, but he is not always better than the rest of his band.Musicians uphold, perhaps even created, the "cool affect." Some people simply want nothing more than to be a part of their club.I spent the last year head-deep in that club as a girlfriend-of-a-musician -- these are the lessons I quickly learned.EXCLUSIVE: Melanie C Talks To Perez About Scary's Divorce Drama!

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