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A genital piercing should always be done by a licensed professional piercer.Not all states require piercers to be licensed, which means in some areas, someone with very little training can open a piercing salon.The oldest known Western armor is the Dendra panoply, dating from the Mycenaean Era around 1400 BC.Rate the picture above and get to know new single people easily with the help of our new online dating concept. Online Dating is the opportunity to meet new single people and perhaps even the partner for life.

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Body armor or Body armour, or personal armor/armour is protective clothing, designed to absorb and/or deflect slashing, bludgeoning and penetrating attacks by weapons.

One indication that you've found a qualified professional is a certificate that indicates he or she is registered with the Association of Professional Piercers (APP) -- an organization that makes safety rules for people who do piercings.

To be registered with the APP the person needs to demonstrate compliance with the organization's standards.

Genital piercing -- among men and women -- is a form of body adornment.

It is similar to other, more visible types of body piercings.

With the development of capitalism and technological advancements armor became more available to the lower classes often at a cost of quality.

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