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” The titular nice guys, who will presumably figure out the significance of Misty Mountains last, heavy-chested breath, are Jackson Healy (Russell Crowe), an overweight muscle-for-hire with a sad, unexplained past (“Marriage is buying a house for someone you hate”), and Holland March (Ryan Gosling), a drunk but often capable licensed detective who is similarly gloomy.At first they fight, with the sounds of broken bones and March’s screaming cutting through the soundtrack, but they partner up just as fast.That, of course, is official confirmation that the movie takes place in the nineteen-seventies.So is the typography of the opening credits: soft curves and candy stripes, as seen in “Boogie Nights” (1997).Like that great film, “The Nice Guys” starts in Los Angeles, in 1977, though the chronology tends to swerve.

That Amelia is at odds with her Justice Department mother (Kim Basinger, in the Angie Dickinson/Shelley Winters role) nods to the rift between anti-porn and pro-sex work strands of feminism, with the Mc Guffin being a joke about porn's subversive potential.Bobby can't help staring, he tries to make sense of what he's seeing: that's Misty Mountains. And then Bobby does something odd, He grips his pajama top, Yanks it over his head, Shivers, it's cold, steps up next to the corpse... CHEERFUL MUSIC PLAYS as a video titled "Pool Side Manners" begins. JACKSON HEALY (VO): There's something wrong with kids today. Cut to: OUTSIDE SCHOOL The girl is walking out the bus, saying goodbye to her classmates. Inside the creep's house, the two in the couch smoking pot. at night, against the silhouette of the Hollywood sign.

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