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Atrapada en su libro favorito, Amanda intenta desesperadamente de mantener la historia en curoso, a la vez que se enamora de Mr. Creo que la Sexta tiene los derechos de Life in Mars en Espaa, por lo que si tuviera xito, a lo mejor habra alguna oportunidad de que se viera Lost in Austen tambin. Wal-Mart’s gain is not Tesco’s loss in India Sunil Mittal’s Bharti Enterprises may have chosen Wal-Mart over Tesco as its retail partner, but that hasn’t crashed the UK retailer’s faith in the Indian summer. False economy: hidden bill paid by poor for cut-price food · Watchdog condemns stores for 'backward step' · Only 35% of low-cost ranges meet salt target Britain's leading supermarket chains are strongly criticised today in a report which claims their low-cost or economy-range foods are much less healthy than their more expensive counterparts.... Food industry launches challenge to traffic light labelling scheme · Manufacturers' rival health guidance 'confusing' · Blair had backed colour coding on packaging The food industry began a campaign yesterday aimed at derailing the Food Standards Agency's proposed "traffic light" labelling system, designed to help shoppers choose healthy options.... Ditched Tesco may tango with Tatas DNA India, November 29th 2006 After losing the race to be Bharti’s ally in India to Wal-Mart, Tesco, the UK-based supermarket chain, is now betting on the Tatas. As little as 10 years ago, you took a risk when you bought a pineapple. Planning rules favour Tesco, claim rival chains The Independent, October 21st 2006 Tesco's biggest rivals have urged the Competition Commission to rip up the UK's planning rulebook, which they argue restricts local competition in the £120bn grocery sector. This includes in-store television and radio, along with advertising on trolleys and on-floor stickers. Coun Alan Taylor, the leader of Rochdale council, said the supermarket giant refused to back a campaign aimed at the responsible retail of fireworks in the run up to bonfire night because: "The colour scheme of our posters did not match its corporate logo." ... Tesco denies child labour claims The Guardian, October 11th 2006 Children as young as 12 have been making clothes for Tesco's own-brand ranges in factories in Bangladesh, according to a report rejected by the supermarket giant. Where to avoid Tesco: Harrogate, Shetlands, Orkney, Outer Hebrides The Guardian, October 11th 2006 Tesco is now the dominant supermarket in 81 of Britain's 121 postcode areas - up from 67 a year ago. Tesco hit by child labour row The Sunday Times, 8th October 2006 TESCO, Britain’s biggest retailer, has been accused of selling clothes made by two contractors in Bangladesh who are alleged to have used illegal child labour. Tesco targets Portugal The Portugal Resident, 6th October 2006 Tesco, the UK’s leading supermarket group, has its sights set on Portugal as part of its ongoing expansion plans, The Resident learned this week. A detailed questionnaire was sent to the supermarkets at the beginning of July, with a deadline of August 10 for responses. Poland - Tesco buys leader price chain Nam News, 17th July 2006 Tesco has bought Casino’s Polish retail chain Leader Price in a deal worth £72m. Now, huge lorries arrive daily and unload calorie-packed sugary drinks, ready meals full of E numbers, wine and many flavours of crisps..more... Costa Rica's pineapple harvest is taking a bitter toll on workers' health. Asda shamed over English apple commitment Fresh Info, October 20th 2006 A public debate between English Apples & Pears and Asda over the promotion of English apples at the UK’s number two multiple retailer continued at the National Fruit Show, in Kent, on Wednesday. The supermarket giant has handed over all advertising rights in its stores to Dunnhumby. Fireworks fly over Tesco 'safety snub'Manchester Evening News, October 14th 2006 Tesco has been slammed by a council leader who claims it refused to sign up to a firework safety crackdown because the posters do not match its logo. Supermarkets accused over organic foods The Guardian, 5th October 2006 Supermarkets are putting pressure on organic food watchdogs to lower standards so they can fully exploit a billion-pound industry which is growing by 30% a year, according to leading figures in the movement. Tesco will be the last of the top four supermarkets to be questioned formally by the commission’s investigation team, which is meeting Asda and J Sainsbury on Friday. The meeting is understood to have ended without agreement. The deadline relates to stage one of the inquiry, which was announced in May. Tesco hit over label confusion The Mirror, 10th July 2006 TESCO and other firms who ignored official advice on food labelling have confused shoppers, a consumer group said today. Store giants scorn new system for healthy food The Independent, 10th July 2006 Tesco and other companies that boycotted the new national food labelling scheme are under attack after research showed they have left shoppers confused. ranked Tesco's way of highlighting levels of salt, sugar and fat in processed food the least helpful of four rival options. 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