Nl dating service


If you have any additional questions, you can call us at 0880 - 430 430 (normal charges apply, Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm).

If you have specific questions concerning an application in process, you can contact the employee that is processing your application.

On most result lists, refine options are available (at the right-hand side). To get a list of all published datasets, start with the 'Browse' link.

Sort options are also available; clicking toggles the sort order (ascending/descending). For more about refining and the meaning of the values of the field 'Access', refer to the help on refine (use the '? To search specific fields (and/or any field), use the 'Advanced search' link.

Please use English as well as Dutch words for optimal search results.

A result list shows datasets that match the chosen criteria, mentioned in the 'Criteria' at the top of the list.

After registration, you will receive a letter from City Hall with your BSN-number within four weeks.

This letter will be sent to your Dutch address by postal mail.

We develop new and improved luminescence dating methods, and we apply luminescence dating in collaboration with NCL partners and external users.

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