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The comments are closed here, so if you want to comment, you have to head over to I’ve written about VBA and Acrobat Java Script before, and I’ve also mentioned that you can combine VBA and Java Script to access PDF form fields, but I still owe a sample for that.

I had to answer another question today about how to exactly do that, so I whipped up a quick sample program that demonstrates the use of the Java Script Object (JSO) to read and write Acro Form fields.

We start the same way as in my old VBA sample to create a VBA program that references the Acrobat TLB and to add a button to a document. Open ("C:\temp\sample Form.pdf") Set jso = the Form.

The updated form field is not saved (because the document does not get saved) – I’ll leave that up to the reader to figure out.The Microsoft Excel RANDOMIZE function allows you to change the seed value used by the random number generator for the RND function.The RANDOMIZE function is a built-in function in Excel that is categorized as a The Randomize function can only be used in VBA code in Microsoft Excel.Or in other case you may not have the permissions to Save the File in a location, so that you can use Save As Option to store the revised or updated file. So that user can choose a specific folder to save the Excel File.You can use Save As method to Save the File to a specific location. Or you can use different File Name and Location to Save the File. Set to an Object and Save it, so that it is easy to refer to your workbook to do further tasks.Warning: If you don't call the Randomize function before calling the Rnd function, the Rnd function may return the same random number value each time.

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