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"These connections are really integral to the social lives of today's kids," says Caroline Knorr, parenting editor for Common Sense Media, a nonprofit organization that helps families navigate the world of media and technology. That's because of the "Children's Online Privacy Protection Act," which limits companies from collecting personal information about kids under 13." Some kids younger than 13 dodge those age limits by faking their birth date and setting up an account, whether their parents know it or not. She recommends that when you buy your child a cell phone, one of the conditions is that she can't get a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account until age 13 and you approve it.

Bash Board: An online bulletin board on which individuals can post anything they want.

Tell her that she can come to you if anything happens online that makes her uncomfortable.

Write a contract for your child about how they behave on social media.

"Parents need to ask their children on a regular basis, ‘Do you have a Facebook account? If you’re tempted to make an exception for them, you might want to consider the message you're sending if you allow them to break the rules by lying, about whether they're mature enough to behave safely and responsibly, and about what you will do to monitor their activity (such as "friending" them).

Once your child is of age and has your permission, sit down together to set up the account.

Often, posts are malicious and hateful statements directed against another person.

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