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Why are people going through so much effort to crawl the web without blocking themselves from analytics? This site is using referrer spam as a form of lead generation. The owner of this domain was kind enough to make his WHOIS information public. Of course, I tried this months ago and they still crawled our site.

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These negative spam SEO bots can also skew your Analytics data by a considerable amount, especially as these bots can appear as though they have visited many times, have a 100% bounce rate and provide no other positive data, which in turn can throw out all of your other data (e.g.Add This.lia-component-external-widget-add-this:hover . Add This.lia-component-external-widget-add-this a .lia-img-widget-add-this-small #lia-body .lia-content .lia-message-actions .lia-button.lia-action-quick-reply span#replysection #lia-body .lia-content .lia-message-actions .lia-button.lia-action-quick-reply:hover span#replysection #lia-body .lia-content .lia-component-accepted-solutions-actions-mark-message-as-accepted-solution-secondary-button .lia-button.lia-button-secondary.lia-link-ticket-post-action:hover #lia-body .lia-content .lia-message-actions .lia-button.lia-action-quick-reply:hover #lia-body .lia-content .lia-message-actions .lia-button.lia-action-quick-reply #lia-body .lia-content .lia-component-accepted-solutions-actions-mark-message-as-accepted-solution-secondary-button .lia-button.lia-button-secondary.lia-link-ticket-post-action #lia-body .lia-content .lia-message-actions .lia-button.lia-action-quick-reply , #lia-body .lia-content .lia-component-accepted-solutions-actions-mark-message-as-accepted-solution-secondary-button .lia-button.lia-button-secondary.lia-link-ticket-post-action #lia-body .lia-content .lia-component-accepted-solutions-actions-mark-message-as-accepted-solution-secondary-button .lia-button.lia-button-secondary.lia-link-ticket-post-action:hover:before #lia-body .lia-content .lia-component-accepted-solutions-actions-mark-message-as-accepted-solution-secondary-button .lia-button.lia-button-secondary.lia-link-ticket-post-action:before #lia-body .lia-content .lia-message-actions-secondary .lia-component-tags .lia-button.lia-button-secondary.escalate-message .lia-content input[type="text"].lia-form-tags-delimited-by-commas-input.lia-form-type-text.lia-form-input-vertical .Google Analytics is a must if you are as obsessed with data as we are. Don’t worry, we’re about to walk you through where to find these filters and how to set up the Top Google Analytics Filters. Sign into Google Analytics and locate the “Admin” tab on the very top of your dashboard. Give these filters a try and a little tip for the road…don’t forget to filter out your website. You want to be in situations where you make a call based on Smart Data. You need to go an extra step and configure filters to see a true picture of what matters and what is crap. Insert this tag in the Filter Pattern Section: Google Analytics is a must for anyone on the web. But this tool is a proven way to save money and MAKE MONEY. I know, 135 bytes, but for those that place the GA code before their body tag (instead of being the last thing on the page) they still have to wait for that process to complete.

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