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The comic above was drawn by one my personal geek heroes, Matthew Inman, who is well known in the web industry as one of the most multi-talented individuals in the game.

When the kids are young, there’s just no time to talk about everything that’s going on. It’s still there, and if you don’t address it, it eventually destroys your marriage.”“I think it’s important that you’re doing this now.Waiting to trip up our relationship, if not destroy our marriages.It’s kind of like trying to hold a beach ball under water.In an interview by Social Media Rockstar, they asked Matthew about his creative process. I mean, maybe if they were on Adderall I could conceptualize it, but without pills that just seems superhuman to me.” Here’s a little secret I’ve learned after two years without Adderall: Those artists totally tweaked out when they created those paintings/wrote those novels/programmed that brilliant software. -1 hour for getting ready in the morning (and prepping for bed at night). Human life, at this stage of the game, is designed this way; design to be centered around work; so that your work gets much more of your time than “other stuff”. With Adderall, the notion of a lifetime of work doesn’t seem scary…you’ll be tweaked out all day during the week and happy and relaxed on weekends.I’m not just talking fluff here: I mean literally, if you asked any successful creator what he felt like while he was creating, he would describe to you a feeling indistinguishable from an Adderall high. Many people don’t get much enjoyment out of their work, so this equation seems backwards. They work only to provide for the other stuff that they actually enjoy, so why the hell does it seem like they have to spend all of their time working? With that kind of drug powering your workdays, a lifetime of work doesn’t seem so scary.The notion of a lifetime of this kind of “work-work-work-play-work-work-work” schedule can seem cruel and unusual. In fact, you almost enjoy working on Adderall more than you enjoy doing certain semi-fun weekend activities.

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