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So lets look at some scenarios and see what entity framework will give us.

These scenarios are based off the following data: statement we are able to fetch the linked authors. Include syntax, however I recommend against using it in almost all cases as it makes it very easy to introduce subtle performance issues into your application.

For developers who are used to database focused development, the biggest shift with Entity Framework is that it lets you focus on your business domain.

What it is that you want your application to do without being limited by what the database is able to do?

In this example, if a ‘Stock’ is saved, all its referenced ‘stock Daily Records’ should be saved into database as well. Stock Daily Record sdr1 = (Stock Daily Record)session.get(Stock Daily Record.class, new Integer(56)); Stock Daily Record sdr2 = (Stock Daily Record)session.get(Stock Daily Record.class, new Integer(57)); Stock stock = (Stock)session.get(Stock.class, new Integer(2)); Stock Daily Records().remove(sdr1); Stock Daily Records().remove(sdr2); Or Update(stock); Further study – Cascade – JPA & Hibernate annotation common mistake.

When entity framework examines a class which is attached to the context it finds other complex type properties on the class and assumes that they are a foreign key to that table.

Most ORMs typically map domain types directly to the database schema.

Entity Framework has a more granular mapping layer so you can customize mappings, for example, by mapping the single entity to multiple database tables or even multiple entities to a single table.

It seems sensible that we would model this same structure with something like the following: As you can see our relationship in c# has been converted into the equivalent SQL join.

Navigation properties are not loaded by default, so its important to know how and when you need to load navigation properties.

Either way, Entity Framework works out how to move from your conceptual model to your database.

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