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We are here to help you to enjoy your daily life routine for free, with live cams streaming 24/7.It's not scripted live cam show and we have absolutely no idea what can happen in the next moment.Recording security cameras to a computer, a NVR/DVR, a FTP server or to the cloud is very easy. Below are the 4 options to record security camera video for 24/7.You can try them in your home, the office room, the store, the farm, the warehouse, and any other places.

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Many of these bats have had terrible lives before finding sanctuary with us.The best way to record a security camera is to use a NVR (Network Video Recorder) or a DVR (Digital Video Recorder).Most NVRs and DVRs come with a built-in HDD with large capacity, such as 1TB, 2TB, 3TB, etc.Live cameras will capture every wonderful moment of the life of our participants. All of our participants feeling absolutely free in front of the cams, so you will have the coolest voyeur view into the private lives, and you can enjoy an interesting glimpses into their social dynamics.That is why our free live cams is piece of cake for them.When purchased (and at no additional cost to you) Amazon will donate as much as 10% to our sanctuary.

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