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The architect who designed the current structure was Ralph Adams Cram, of Cram and Ferguson in Boston.Cram also designed Calvary Episcopal Church (1906) in neighboring Shadyside and Princeton University’s Chapel.Thank you for clicking through to help support the ongoing work of PAM.If you find a great resource, let us know so that we can help share it with others.In 1925 and, again, in 1956, rooms were added to provide additional facilities for our educational ministries.We are a congregation dedicated to following Christ by teaching about the word of God, nurturing people for ministry, and sending people to live in the service of Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit.“My background is mainly in new church development, but even established churches can use those principles to reboot spiritually.” He said the church currently has about 240 members.“It’s not so much a matter of gaining members as it is a matter of discipleship,” he noted.

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The executive board has unanimously voted to hire Kelly Abraham as our new Executive Director.

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has an interesting title as the new pastor at Richmond Hill Presbyterian Church, but it doesn’t explain all of his duties.

Sessions lasting two or three days would be held to discuss things like the hundreds of doors in the church, each of which had to be studied to determine which way the door should open, and the placement of each knob.

The building, which occupies one city block, cost approximately million to construct.

Kelly comes to us from First Presbyterian Church, Lexington, KY, where she has served as Director of Youth and their Families for the past twelve years.

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