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One of the pressing questions archaeologists face is how to place an ancient structure on a historical timeline.The rate of decay of radioactive substances is one way to determine the age of an object, but attempts using this method to date Chaco Canyon’s Great Houses produced vague results.

Now part of Chaco Culture National Historical Park, these massive and mysterious communal structures, made primarily of stone interlaced with mud mortar, speak of a long-ago Southwest culture.

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An article on a news portal criticized the elementary-school textbook, published by People’s Education Press, for featuring positive foreign characters while appearing to denigrate Chinese ones.

These character lessons, in a textbook produced by China’s official academic publisher, have catalyzed an online controversy about whether state schoolbooks glorify foreigners at the expense of locals.

On its website, the People’s Education Press stresses that it “adheres to the tenets of the CPC,” or Communist Party of China, and aims “to contribute to the construction of a harmonious socialist society.”In recent months, Chinese education officials have intensified a campaign against so-called Western values, which they say have infiltrated local campuses.

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