Medical student preceptor dating


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When you walk into your preceptorship the week after your cardiology final and your preceptor asks you three drugs you might want to give that patient with hypertension, don’t freak out if it takes you a few seconds or minutes to answer him. Gone are the days of curves, grade deflation and calculating how many points you can miss on the final and still pull off that “A.” You might still do some quick mental math on how many points you can miss to comfortably get a 75% (you’ll probably want to leave at least a 5% buffer), and then decide to finish the test early and get some gelato. Just don’t feel obligated to mention that Monday night concert you scored tickets for, or those Tuesday 8 a.m., 9 a.m. lectures when you “overslept,” freeing up time to go for a run in Golden Gate Park followed by brunch.

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Let’s just say a lot of mulligans were taken that day.

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