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Rob Dummett from Southampton, Bermuda, noted that because the speakers and seminars were great in Orlando, he knew as soon as this year’s convention was announced that he would attend.

Zsa-Nai Long, an Assistant ASAM leader from Houston, Texas, said she learned the true focus of ASAM at the first convention.

Many of those same rail lines were inadequately protected with little more than “wigwag” crossing signals dating from the original construction of the lines.

Does anyone have experience in the dating scene in Newport Beach/OC? I could pretty much move anywhere in the world right now..anyone has a better suggestion for me, I'm open to hearing! I could move there and try to not worry about dating, just enjoy my life.

No, I don't own a boat I could buy one and go bankrupt, maybe that will get me a date : P Honestly Newport Beach is one of the nicest places I've visited...

If you are a single person on a cruise designed for couples, you are not only going to find yourself the odd man (or woman) out, but you'll often have to pay a hefty fee to have a cabin to yourself rather than bunk with a total stranger.

The good news is that some cruises are designed specifically for singles, from activities to accommodations.

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