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Most Skype callers use a computer (PC or Mac) with a speaker and microphone. Go to click on 'download' and install and launch the programme.Though the sound quality doesn't match that of regular landlines, it can be improved by using a headset. Create a username and password, and you're all set to make your first call.One of the slides in the new set of XKeyscore screen captures and other documents (the full list is at the end of The Intercept’s report) shows the incredible breadth of surveillance that can be done, showing a sample query of people based on their location, nationality and browsing histories.The slide depicts the search “germansinpakistn”, showing an analyst querying XKeyscore for all individuals in Pakistan visiting specific German language message boards.Instead of numbers, you create a contacts list of other people's Skype names.To add one, type in a friend's name to search for them in Skype's database, but check with the person first to make sure you've got the right John Smith, for example.Figures from lines company Chorus indicate that in the 12 months to the end of June, 42,000 people opted to go naked - roughly the population of Nelson.Of Chorus's 1.8 million land line connections, 159,000 were naked."I'm not able to share the exact breakdown of naked connections versus 'clothed' connections, but I can say they are popular," Durbin says.

Unlimited calls to landlines costs £2.24 a month in the UK, £7.99 worldwide.A hacking group calling itself Cyber Team claimed responsibility for the outage, with some observers speculating that Skype had been the victim of a DDo S attack.Microsoft confirmed that Skype was suffering from issues on its blog on Monday, saying “we are aware of an incident where users will either lose connectivity to the application or may be unable to send or receive messages”, while its Twitter support account confirmed that the outage was a “global incident”.Rather, it’s more like a gigantic sea-dwelling kimodo dragon with double-jointed jaws that snarfs up the data equivalent of Great White Sharks like they were hors d’oeuvres.As The Intercept reports, besides suctioning off web traffic from the fiber-optic cables that form the backbone of the world’s communications network, including data on people’s internet searches, documents, usernames, passwords, emails, and chats, it also absorbs 700,000 voice, fax and video files every day.Even Spark now says phone calling over land lines is a "legacy" product, a term usually reserved for a service a company wouldn't be offering today, if they weren't already doing it.

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