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Agee is the second child and first son of Arthur "Bo" Agee Sr. During his younger years he lived in the north side Chicago area near where the other star of Hoop Dreams, William Gates, lived.

By the time the movie began filming, the Agees had moved to the West Garfield Park neighborhood, which would remain Agee's home until his graduation.

Now, we have scripts; we just need to find somebody to give us some money to make a feature. We suck, so Shiloh and I decided to sort of run with that as a short film and, obviously, add some magic. He’s part of the industry; he’s successful in some areas so I’ll meet with him.” But once I meet with him and they know the show, I’m just a child actor trying to do something else. I’m not making anything that has anything to do with so it doesn’t lend credence or value to my projects. I think if most people just go through their high-school class, there are a lot of people who are depressed and get into drugs or screw up in any given group of people that you know at a young age.

All of that self-hating geek insecurity was interesting to us. [It] gives more publicity to our film because I have so many Twitter followers, or whatever. As a child actor, what’s the fine line between being an Oscar-winning director like Ron Howard or turning to porn like Scotty Schwartz? The worst example is someone like Jonathan Brandis, somebody who was from my era and somebody that I knew. Predicting if where you are at in high school is going to somehow [determine] where you’re going to be at 30 is kind of pointless. And ABC was like, “We need twentysomethings on every show. They don’t realize—they were all in their 40s—they don’t realize that as a kid from the 80s, that is the only thing I would have known. He came to work one day and he said, “I just did an episode of They had a talking car and they brought me in.” We’re like, “You are the coolest person in the world.

She had large, expressive eyes and brought great dignity and a haunting quality to the role of Pauline, a widow who hires a mute gunfighter, played by Jean-Louis Trintignant, to avenge the killing of her husband by Klaus Kinski's unscrupulous bounty hunter.“I looked in those young faces, and their eyes reflected their fear and loss of innocence.(We’ve) done so many recruits, it is sickening,” Powell said in a press release promoting the book.An escort has claimed in her new book and in television interviews that she and others, including her two daughters, were paid thousands of dollars and given tickets to basketball games in exchange for sex with University of Louisville players and recruits.that she attended more than 20 sex parties inside the basketball players’ dorm at Louisville between 2010 to 2014.Born in San Francisco in 1945, Mc Gee was supposed to study law but began participating in amateur theatre productions in basements and church halls, "a lot of things with no pay," as she later recalled.

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