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Even if you retain your passport yourself, you cannot leave the country without an exit visa being granted.

The Saudi Embassy will refuse to issue a Saudi visa if the passport reflects travel to Israel or indicates that the place of birth of the applicant is Israel.

Enjoy buying eight-year-olds a present – it’s not long until they’d probably prefer to receive a voucher or cold hard cash to choose their own gift.

But for now you can still blow their minds with a gift that they’ve wanted for ages or seen on a cooler kid, or that gives them new skills or knowledge, or one that opens the door to whole new worlds. Brainstorm 2-in-1 Earth and Constellations Globe: £25.99, John Lewis This is lovely – by day it’s a big standard globe, albeit a nice one.

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Today, we look back and cringe a little at the quality.Saudi laws and moral standards are considerably stricter than those of the UK and in certain cases, notably involving dress, drink, moral behaviour and mixing with unrelated members of the opposite sex, what is not a crime in Britain is treated as a crime in Saudi Arabia.This guide gives British residents advice on how to live in Saudi Arabia without difficulty.Women considering relocating to Saudi Arabia should be aware that women and children residing in Saudi Arabia as members of a Saudi household (including adult UK-citizen women married to Saudi men, adult UK citizen women who are the unmarried daughters of Saudi fathers, children born to Saudi fathers, and UK citizen boys under the age of 21 who are the sons of Saudi fathers) require the permission of the Saudi male head of their household to leave the country.Married women require their husband’s permission to depart the country, while unmarried women and children require the permission of their father or male guardian.If you are a British citizen living in Saudi Arabia, you must hold a valid British passport.

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