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Q: Can I use RU Express between semesters and during the summer? RU Express will now be accepted year-round and your account balance will carryover year to year.(Back to top) A: RU Express can be used virtually everywhere on campus. RU Express is a debit account on your RUID Card that can be used to make purchases all over campus and many locations off campus.(Back to top) A: You can make deposits Online at RU Express Online with a credit card or at the cashiers offices with cash or a check.(Back to top) A: The minimum deposit is .00.(Back to top) A: Yes!The customer may then use these funds for purchases wherever the RU Express/Campus Cash accounts are honored during normal business hours.Purchases will not be allowed with a malfunctioning card.Lost or damaged cards will be replaced by the ID/RU Express Office upon the customer's request.

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"Sapsan" is Russian for the peregrine falcon, the fastest bird in the falcon family, so it was an appropriate name for this new train, which can reach speeds of up to 250 kmph.

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— Online booking at the Russian Railways official web site.

Tickets are most important for passengers after studying a timetable.

There are several convenient ways of booking tickets for the “Grand Express”: 1. Today it is the most modern and popular way to book railway tickets.

For a sample list of on campus locations, click here Click here for Campus Locations.(Back to top) A: RU Express can be used at a number of off campus merchants.

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